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Truth or Dare Drinking Game (Expansion Pack)

Truth or Dare Drinking Game (Expansion Pack)

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Introducing our Truth or Dare Drinking Game Expansion Pack, the ultimate addition to your party game collection! This expansion pack takes the classic game of Truth or Dare to a whole new level with hilarious and outrageous challenges that are sure to have you and your friends laughing all night long.

This 16 card expansion pack is designed to be used in conjunction with any of our full drinking game decks, this expansion pack adds a new layer of excitement to your game.

Each card in the expansion pack features a truth or dare challenge that is sure to keep the party going. And here's the catch: if you choose not to complete the challenge, you must take a shot! So, whether you're looking to test your limits or simply have a good time with friends, this expansion pack is the perfect addition to any game night.

So why wait? Order your Truth or Dare Expansion Pack today and take your drinking game to the next level!

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